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OncoGambit provides an online personalized treatment recommendation to patients based on tumor stage and molecular biomarkers

Over 14 million new cases of cancer (1.5 million breast cancer) will be diagnosed worldwide in 2016. It is recommended that cancer treatment should be started as soon as possible, as worse survival has been associated with more than 90 day-delay in treatment. In the era of digital health, cancer patients resort to accessing the internet for treatment information. However, almost half of these patients report being frustrated with the time consuming effort during this process.. In addition, compliance with breast cancer treatment guidelines showed 60-80% variance among treating physicians. Therefore, it is imperative for patients to seek evidence-based treatment confirmations or second opinions.

To support patients in their search for reliable information about their cancer and to offer the patient a second opinion, a team of oncologists recently developed OncoGambit, the first online personalized cancer treatment website. OncoGambit was designed by experienced oncologists to provide patients with instant and tailor-made information regarding their treatment options. These options are based on current, up-to-date, and evidence-based treatments recommended by national guidelines (ASCO, ASTRO, NCCN, ESMO). The secondary objective of OncoGambit is to educate patients about their cancer biology and to empower them to be more active participants in their own care.

The OncoGambit software was designed to provide patients with an algorithmic personalized treatment recommendation for their individual cancer, based on the patient's tumor stage and tumor molecular biomarkers as reported in the pathology report from the treating physicians. For example, the treatment for breast cancer is based on patient's age, menopausal status, cancer stage, ER, PR, and HER2neu status. In addition, much needed information such as follow-up care plan and survivor care recommendations are also included in the OncoGambit report. Education regarding the patient's cancer type and how its treatment is derived is provided prior to the patients' inputting their information.

The first version of the software (OncoGambit 1.0) was piloted and promoted on social media (Facebook and Twitter) between 10/2015 and 12/2016 to assess patients’ interest and need for specific treatment information. During this testing period, 3.792 users accessed the site, with 4.870 observation sessions, as some patients reviewed more than one cancer type. Users were from 69 countries, with 69% of them being from the US. The most common cancers searched were breast cancer (30.4%), lung cancer (20.3%), melanoma (13.8%), prostate cancer (7.6%). In addition, the complementary cancer genetics information was accessed by 12.7%. Of these early users, 8.5% proceeded to request the complete cancer treatment report. Based on the feedback , OncoGambit 2.0 was launched (

In summary, treatment confirmation and/or a second opinion is becoming a high priority for cancer patients. OncoGambit is the first computer-aided individualized cancer treatment confirmation resource designed to confirm treatment instantly, thus reducing the time and effort required to acquiring this information from multiple websites. In addition, the information provided is based on the current cancer treatment guidelines that is updated daily, as the guidelines frequently change. OncoGambit empowers patients to take control of their cancer care and form an alliance with their oncologist.


Bourdeanu L and Thehang L, OncoGambit. Take care of your cancer care. Poster presentation at the San Antonia Breast Cancer Congress 2016, abstract P2-14-02.

Speaker Laura Bourdeanu


Laura Bourdeanu, PhD, NP
OncoGambit, Irvine, CA, USA


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